Sunday, May 9, 2010

Depths of Corporate Evil

Google, the not-so-evil empire. Google provides real high-quality  services at the cost of viewing unobtrusive advertising. The corporate motto is "Don't Be Evil" and the Google employees I know take it seriously. They're not saints, but you can do business, and not need to count your fingers afterwards. They are still a commercial empire, however, and they are rather snoopy.

Amazon and Apple, medium-evil empires. Commercial empires of a more evil sort. Both do genuinely valuable things. Unfortunately, every now and again they try to take over the world.

Microsoft, cell phone companies, Facebook, evil empires.The are price-gougers, monopolists, oligopolists, spies, intellectual property thieves, sellers of your time and attention. Microsoft charges hugely more than anything reasonable for their products; cell companies are probably making gross profits of 500-1000%. In dealing with cell companies, expect to feel like a chump; get the best deal you can & don't worry about it. Shorter Facebook: "You are the product" and "You have no privacy, get over it."

Exxon-Mobile the eeeeeevil empire. Destroy human civilization, lie about it, and make a profit at it.

Haliburton and Xe (Blackwater) the spawn of hell. Provide overpriced contracting services and undersea oil wellheads that don't do the job. Hire out mercenaries and security personnel who make their own law.


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